Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alex Edelman makes his religion a laughing matter

By Molly Oswaks

NEW YORK---Alex Edelman won the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s award for best newcomer last year. Mr. Edelman is a fast-rising young comedian who mines the particularities of his 20-something, fish-out-of-water experiences for material. “I’ve done MDMA, but I’ve never tried bacon,” Mr. Edelman gripes in his show, “Millennial,” playing up to his Orthodox Jewish upbringing. “It’s super-rare for an Orthodox Jew to be doing comedy,” said Mr. Edelman, who as a teenager completed basic training in the Israel Defense Forces while spending a year at a Jerusalem yeshiva. “I did their equivalent of Boy Scouts. One rung above selling cookies, or Israel bonds, door to door.” [link]