Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'IS' in Palmyra: a propaganda success?

By Stefan Webber
The ruins of Palmyra lie right in the middle of the Syrian desert. The once prosperous metropolis was surrounded by palms - hence its name - and for centuries was a stop for caravans traveling to the Silk Road.
SYRIA--- Geographically, the oasis of Palmyra is the heart of the present state of Syria. In the ancient Roman theatre of Palmyra the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" has played out a terrifying show, publically executing at least 20 people. At the same time the fighters have begun to destroy statues at the UNESCO site. In a DW interview, Stefan Weber Director of the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin, and coordinator of the Syrian Heritage Archive Project - speaks of the importance of Palmyra not only for Syrians but the entire world. "This heritage for the Syrians is lost." [link]