Saturday, August 8, 2015

Christianity Today's not-so-fantastic review of "Fantastic Four" movie

By Brett McCracken

HOLLYWOOD---There is nothing new under the sun. I thought of Solomon’s iconic lament as I walked out of Fantastic Four, a painfully unnecessary (and painfully bad) reboot of a franchise that comes across as a forgettable B-side to The Avengers. Was anyone in the world (other than Hollywood investors looking to make easy money, and young actors looking for blockbuster roles) actually hungry for a Fantastic Four reboot, a mere ten years after the last Fantastic Four? Probably not. Perhaps its existence, as another remake/sequel/reboot that will probably make more money than 95% of the original films that come out this year, confirms that “we prefer nostalgia to novelty,” as was eloquently argued in a recent Christ and Pop Culture article on the subject. [link]