Saturday, August 1, 2015

Richard Long's lifelong devotion to his particular strain of landscape-inspired art deserves respect

By Alastair Sooke
Time and Space: Richard Long's 2014 sculpture Pampas Dreaming
UNITED KINGDOM---For an artist pricked with as much wanderlust as Richard Long, there must be something rather comforting about, at long last, returning home. Anyone who saw Long’s retrospective "Heaven and Earth" at Tate Britain in 2009 will find this show entirely familiar. Yet I suppose that the consistency of his artistic vision is one of the remarkable things about Long. Having discovered his “voice” in the late Sixties, he has devoted himself to articulating it with the lifelong self-discipline of a medieval monk. [link]

River Avon Mud Crescent, New York, 2011 (Image: Richard Long)