Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Explore Hinduism's "Pushtimarg" culture in "Gates of the Lord"

Dauji II Performing Aarti on Sharada Purnima, first quarter of the 19th century. Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India. Amit Ambalal Collection.
ILLINOIS---This fall, the Art Institute of Chicago offers a glimpse into one of the world’s most intimate religious traditions. Bringing together over 100 artworks from private and public collections in India and the United States, "Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Paintings" is the first major U.S. exhibition to explore the unique visual culture of the Pushtimarg, a Hindu denomination from Western India. Founded in the 16th century by the saint and philosopher Shri Vallabhacharya (1479–1531), the Pushtimarg is a religious community dedicated to the devotion of Shrinathji, a divine image of the Hindu god Krishna as a seven-year-old child.

The Art Institute of Chicago: "Gates of the Lord: The Tradition of Krishna Paintings" (Sept. 13, 2015–Jan. 3, 2016); 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill; (312) 443-3600; artic.edu