Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Afghan Mullah condones the stoning to death for committing adultery

By Rod Norland and Jawad Sukhanyar

After men believed to be Taliban fighters forced a 19-year-old named Rukhshana into a freshly dug pit and methodically stoned her to death for adultery, a video of the killing surfaced on the Internet and incited outrage. One of the leaders of that presidential delegation, however, is a prominent, pro-government mullah who believes the stoning and flogging of adulterers is perfectly justified — as he made clear both in a sermon on the Ghor killing at Friday Prayer and in a subsequent interview on Friday. “If you’re married and you commit adultery, you have to be stoned,” said the mullah, Maulavi Inayatullah Baleegh, during his sermon at Pul-e Khishti mosque, Kabul’s biggest, on Friday. [link]

Afghans in Kabul protested after scenes from a video showed a 19-year-old woman accused of adultery being stoned to death by men believed to be Taliban fighters. Credit Hedayatullah Amid/European Pressphoto Agency