Tuesday, November 3, 2015

At Rider University, an exhibit of biblical depictions -- Old Testament style

By Michele Alperin
Marc Malberg’s Abraham and Isaac, 1989, oil, 62 inches square
NEW JERSEY---After a party in Princeton at the home of artist and physician Marc Malberg, Judith Brodsky realized she knew several artists who “were going back to the Bible and making images that were derived from the Bible when we are in an age that discounts religion.” The result is “Biblical Inspiration in a Secular Time,” an exhibit of works by Malberg, and four other artists: Siona Benjamin, also of New Jersey, and Helène Aylon, Hanan Harchol, and Archie Rand of New York. It opens Nov. 5 and runs through Dec. 6, at the Rider University Art Gallery on the Lawrenceville campus. [link]

Siona Benjamin’s The Four Mothers Who Entered Pardes, one of six hand-printed silk banners, each 6 feet by 3 feet