Friday, November 6, 2015

Decoding Keith Haring’s early works this month at the Deitch art gallery

By Hillary Moss
A selection of Keith Haring's works from 1980 to 1984 is on display in SoHo starting Saturday. Here, "Untitled," June 1982. Credit © Keith Haring Foundation, photo: Adam Reich
NEW YORK---The art dealer and curator Jeffrey Deitch is most fascinated by both bookends of an artist’s career — not just the late works, which are typically profound and full of reflection, but the first compositions, too. “In the early periods, you get the exuberance, the promise,” he explains. “Sometimes you don’t get the refinement, yet you feel this sincerity.” Deitch doesn’t formally offer this as a guiding principle for the exhibition he’s opening this Saturday along with the gallerist Suzanne Geiss, “Keith Haring: Bombs and Dogs” — but it could be one all the same. “Keith Haring: Bombs and Dogs” is on view from Nov. 7 - Dec. 21, presented by Jeffrey Deitch and Suzanne Geiss at 76 Grand St., New York, [link]