Friday, November 13, 2015

Photos of Lukhang temple, known as the Sistine Chapel of Buddhism comes to London

By Jayalakshmi K
One of the objects to be featured at Wellcome's Tibet's Secret Temple show. Wellcome Collection/courtesy Ian Baker
UNITED KINGDOM---An exhibition of never before seen Buddhist tantric images of 17th century murals, scrolls and ritual artefacts from a secret Tibetan temple will be displayed in London from 19 November to 28 February, 2016. Shot by American photographer Thomas Laird, the images include yogic poses, 84 tantric masters, Buddhas, scenic depictions, symbols and what Laird hints as the 'cosmic vagina', a detail representing the start of the universe. The secret Lukhang temple in Lhasa has been termed the Buddhist equivalent of the Sistine Chapel with its images explaining creation through the Buddhist eye. [link]