Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whitney Museum of American Art Acquires Archibald Motley's “Gettin’ Religion"

By Randy Kennedy
"Archibald J. Motley Jr. "Tongues (Holy Rollers)," 1929
NEW YORK---The Whitney Museum of American Art announced that it had acquired its first work by Archibald Motley, an under-recognized 20th-century painter whose stark portraits and tumultuous dance-club scenes helped define the Chicago and Harlem Renaissances. The newly acquired painting, “Gettin’ Religion,” from 1948, is an angular, people-packed nighttime Chicago street scene that Dana Miller, a Whitney curator and the director of the museum’s collection, compared to the contemporaneous urban visions of Edward Hopper and Reginald Marsh, “who captured the everyday life of the city in their works.” [link]
Audio Guide: "Gettin' Religion"(1934) by Archibald Motley Jr.