Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ascension Day is the 40th day of Easter - Art by Salvador Dalí

"The Ascension of Christ" (1958) by Salvador Dali. Courtesy of the San Diego Museum of Art
Christians officially celebrate Christs ascension to heaven on this 40th day of Easter, or 39 days after Easter Sunday, and we've selected a work by Salvador Dali for today's celebration. A series of images of Christ came to Salvador Dali in a dream in 1950. One of these is "The Ascension of Christ" (1958) which combines two of Dali’s passions:  a mystic form of Catholicism and nuclear physics.  It is inspired by the nucleus of an atom, and the artist imagined ascent by Christ that unifies both heaven and earth. The sunflower-like corona of the atom overlaps the divine sphere of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the dove with outstretched wings. The oil painting is in the Pérez Simón Collection at the San Diego Museum of Art.