Saturday, July 9, 2016

Frank Whipple, Whose Nun Paintings Drew Hollywood Fans, Dies at 93

By Frank Whipple
“Off the Wall” by Frank Whipple. He turned out thousands of paintings that depicted groups of nuns, always seen from behind, in comic situations. Credit Frank Whipple
CALIFORNIA---Frank Whipple, whose whimsical paintings of nuns wearing the winglike headdresses of the Daughters of Charity found favor with a host of Hollywood celebrities, died on June 8 in Los Angeles. He was 93. He was impressed by their serenity and good humor in the midst of wartime chaos. Over more than half a century he turned out thousands of nun paintings, attracting the patronage of Hollywood luminaries like Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Henry Fonda and John Wayne. Mr. Whipple said that nuns were among his most fervent admirers. Except for one. She objected to the nun in “Out of the Habit,” whose bare elbows hanging over her beach chair made it clear that she was sunbathing in the nude. [link]

“Deja Vu” by Frank Whipple.