Monday, August 1, 2016

James Turrell’s Illuminated Chapel Will Make You See The Light

By Priscilla Frank
The chapel begins by glowing a brilliant blue, changing color every two minutes for a full hour.
GERMANY---Anyone who has ever witnessed a James Turrell artwork ― no, that Drake video doesn’t count ― has experienced the uncanny way the artist transforms a physical space into something yawning, otherworldly, spiritual. Using the divine power of light, he converts the real world into an abstract artwork that swallows you whole. The latest space to receive the Turrell treatment is the memorial chapel of Berlin’s Dorotheenstadt cemetery. The 20th-century space was remodeled by architect Nedelykov Moreira, endowed with sweeping, crisp lines and smooth, minimalist spaces. Basically, Moreira created the perfect Turrell canvas. [link]