Friday, September 2, 2016

Alonsa Guevara’s Lush Oil Paintings Offer Imaginary Rites

By Andy Smith
ALONSA GUEVARA Simón's Ceremony 40 x 32 inches oil on canvas 2016
NEW YORK---Chilean artist Alonsa Guevara’s upcoming solo exhibition at Anna Zorina Gallery in New York City, titled “Ceremonies,” honors life’s varying stages with renderings of “imaginary rites.” The elevated, ominscient viewpoint of the audience is intended to make the viewer a “recipient of the rituals.” It is up to us, as viewers, to both receive and make sense of the rituals created at the hands of Guevara. The style of the paintings also hints at the cyclical nature of art, with visual allusions to the Dutch Golden Age and other eras. Humans, harvests, and lands are among those celebrated in the exhibition, as a collection of oil paintings on canvas. The show runs Sept. 1 through Oct. 1. [link]
Camilla's Ceremony 80 x 32 inches oil on canvas 2016