Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Surreal Works of Jon Rappleye

By Margot Buermann
I Have No MasterAcrylic and Spray Paint on Paper 40" x 32"
NEW JERSEY---In what the artist himself calls “homespun faerie tales”, Jon Rappleye blends imagery found in art history, literature, biology, and folklore to portray the cyclical nature of life and death. Ranging from surreal paintings to mixed media sculptures, his works draw from the detailed illustrations of James John Audubon and hallucinatory worlds of Salvador DalĂ­. And while his subject matter can be grim at times, the artist renders it in such a way that it becomes beautiful and enchanting. Jon Rappleye was born in Provo, Utah in 1967. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He currently lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey. [link]