Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Arts Hot Ticket: 31st annual 'Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah' showcases spiritual perspectives

By Derrick Clements
Steve Vistaunet's "Not Today" is featured in the 31st annual show
UTAH---Looking up in the pews during Sunday worship, or walking through a temple, synagogue or mosque, worshipers are frequently exposed to art that expresses a religious or spiritual point of view. Often, the religious art that gets the widest audience is intended to assist in theological instruction or proselytizing. But a different objective guides the art in the 31st annual “Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah” show at the Springville Museum of Art. Throughout the exhibit, religious conviction and testimony jumps out of the varied pieces, but spiritual questions are as present as answers. [link]

The Springville Museum of Art: “Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah” (Through January 11, 2017 ); 126 E. 200 South, Springville, Utah; (801) 489-2727;