Monday, November 14, 2016

Kingstone Bible puts Christ's words inside speech bubbles

By Bethany Rodgers
Revelation (Kingstone Media Group)
In the Kingstone Bible, the Tower of Babel's heathenish builders wield skull staffs and sport bulging muscles, menacing the reader like characters from Conan the Barbarian. A fanged beast with magma oozing from its claw snarls on the pages of Revelations. The images were the work of 45 illustrators and inkers, who add shading and depth to sketches. Ayris recruited talent from Marvel Comics and DC Comics to dazzle the pages. Faith in God was not a prerequisite for the job. Ayris gave the artists a few pointers about how characters should look. For instance, Jesus should be buff (he was a carpenter, duh). [link]