Friday, November 18, 2016

Women artists channeling the magic of the feminine occult

By Priscilla Frank
Chitra Ganesh, “Girl, Water, Globe,” 2016, light jet print
KENTUCKY---Although universal belief in feminine spirituality is no longer the norm, the spirit of the goddess creator lives on ― particularly through the vision and practice of feminist artists. An exhibition titled “Sisters of the Moon: Art & the Feminine Dimension,” now on view at the Louisville KMAC Museum in Kentucky, features the work of women artists who, in some way, have incorporated the eternal ideas of nature, spirituality, femininity and the occult into their work. Chitra Ganesh’s artworks are a vibrant tangle of comic books and Bollywood, science fiction and Buddhist mythology, 1960s psychedelia and Grimm’s fairy tales. [link]

Louisville KMAC Museum in Kentucky: “Sisters of the Moon: Art & the Feminine Dimension,” (Through January 8, 2017); 715 W Main St, Louisville, KY; (502) 589-0102;