Monday, January 2, 2017

Hindu far right forces university to remove Hanuman painting

The painting that Sena leader Datta Dalvi said “hurt the religious sentiments of many people”.
INDIA---Activists of the Shiv Sena on Monday forced the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay to remove a painting of a modern interpretation of Hindu deity Hanuman, alleging that it hurt the religious sentiments of many. “The painting was in bad taste,” party leader Datta Dalvi told The Indian Express. “Students should not have portrayed the deity like that.” The wall painting – made as part of IIT-B’s annual cultural festival Mood Indigo – showed Hanuman flying with the mythical Gandhamadana Mountain that grew the life-saving Sanjivani herbs in one hand and holding a pen in the other instead of his mace. It also portrayed him in shorts with an iPod strapped to his arm, his crown was replaced with headphones and a local train instead of his tail. [link]