Monday, December 12, 2016

Newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci drawing

By Scott Reyburn
NEW YORK---It’s an auctioneer’s jackpot dream. A man walks in off the street, opens a portfolio of drawings, and there, mixed in with the jumble of routine low-value items, is a long-lost work by Leonardo da Vinci. And that, more or less, is what happened to Thaddée Prate, director of old master pictures at the Tajan auction house here, which is to announce on Monday the discovery of a drawing that a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art says is by Leonardo, the Renaissance genius and master draftsman. Tajan values the work at 15 million euros, or about $15.8 million. In Dr. Bambach’s view, the newly discovered drawing is the most highly developed and attractive of the three known studies associated with what may have been a lost painting of St. Sebastian. [link]
The drawing of the martyred St. Sebastian, attributed to Leonardo. Credit Tajan