Wednesday, January 11, 2017

France blocks sale of newly discovered "Saint Sebastion" sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci

This file photo taken on December 13, 2016 shows a member of Paris auctioneer Tajan displaying a previously undiscovered drawing by Leonardo da Vinci at the auction house in Paris. The French state has thirty months to find the 15 million euros requested by the seller, said the auctioneer Tajan on January 10, 2017.
FRANCE---France has deemed a newfound Leonardo da Vinci sketch to be a national treasure and now has 30 months to raise 15 million euros ($15.8 million) to purchase it, an auction house said Tuesday. The Renaissance master's dreamily sensual sketch of Saint Sebastian was classified as a French national treasure on December 29, Tajan auctioneers in Paris said during an unveiling of the work to the press. The French government has a "right of pre-emption" under which it has 30 months to purchase items that it deems should remain in France. Discovered in the papers of a French provincial doctor who wants to remain anonymous, the drawing measures 19.3 x 13 centimetres (7.6 x 5 inches) and was authenticated by leading Da Vinci experts. [link]