Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mormon art hits the big time, seeks permanent slice of the Big Apple

By Peggy Fletcher Stack
"The first vision, (This is my beloved son. Hear him!)" (c. 2016) by Jorge Cocco Santangelo. Oil on canvas 24×30″.
NEW YORK---In 1967, LDS apostle Spencer W. Kimball bemoaned the fact that there were no Mormon Michelangelos, Shakespeares or Rembrandts to express their faith in marble, writ and oil. Some 50 years later, Kimball's words inspired a tiny band of LDS artists and writers to launch an audacious effort — to establish a center for Mormon arts in the Big Apple where novelists, musicians, painters and poets could showcase their work. On Thursday, the Mormon Arts Center Festival opened in a small chapel and hall associated with the famed Riverside Church in Manhattan's Upper West Side. The Utah-based faith commissioned Jorge Cocco Santangelo to create 16 paintings on the life of Christ. Santangelo named his style "sacrocubism," to describe a style that combines post-cubist forms with religious subject matter. [More]
"The Tempest—Peace, be still" (2016). Oil on canvas, 30×40″