Friday, July 7, 2017

Photographer Niccolo Cosme's cosmic connections

By Miss Charlize
In Photo: April Tanhueco
MANILA---When he was about to turn 8 years old, Niccolo Cosme was asked by his dad what he wanted for his birthday. He always see his dad carrying a camera and taking photos with his SLR , so Niccolo decided that he wanted a camera, too. As he turned professional years later, Niccolo began working with the top people in the fashion, showbiz and advertising industries. Niccolo is not only one of the country’s most sought-after high-fashion photographers, but he is also the most proactive when it comes to addressing social issues. With the ugly Marawi clash still raging in Mindanao, Niccolo’s activism was again ignited. [More]
"The Matriarch" by Niccolo Cosme