Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ark Encounter agrees to pay Williamstown, Kentucky's new 50-cent tax per ticket

By Cherri Lawson
Ark Encounter , Noah's Ark Theme Park CHERI LAWSON
WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky---Since July 1, visitors to the Ark Encounter biblical theme park in Grant County have been paying an extra 50 cents per ticket. The “safety assessment fee” is for increased police and fire services. Despite attempts to reduce it, officials with the Noah’s Ark park this week agreed to continue collecting the fee for the City of Williamstown. While negotiating to have the fee reduced, the for-profit that owned the Ark transferred its property to a non-profit affiliate. That caused the city to fear that Ark officials were trying to get out of paying all taxes. Following notice by the state’s tourism agency that it was canceling a tax rebate worth as much as $18 million, the property was transferred back to the non-profit. [More]