Friday, August 11, 2017

Collector: Peter Menéndez collects the art of fellow Cuban exiles, but Miami is home

Show Us Your Walls
By Brett Sokol
Peter Menéndez at home in Miami with “Untitled (Pleiades no. 2),” a sculpture by Rafael Domenech from 2016. On the wall behind him is another work by Mr. Domenech, “Untitled (Una por Otra) Post Archeology — Complete,” also from 2016; below that is Carlos Alfonzo’s “Largo Three,” from 1984. Credit Moris Moreno for The New York Times
MIAMI---Miami’s once sclerotic arts world became roused by many of the newly arrived exiles (1980s) — including the novelist Reinaldo Arenas and the painter Carlos Alfonzo — who brought an energetic avant-garde spirit and an expansive vision. Work by those same Cuban artists fills Mr. Menéndez’s Miami home. Mr. Alfonzo’s haunting “Figurat,” from 1991, with crimson swathes encircling a figure, chronicles the painter’s own physical deterioration as the effects of AIDS ravaged his body. A recent sculpture by Rafael Domenech, who immigrated from Cuba in 2010, takes a less emotional approach, emphasizing its material process — elliptical bands around a hanging Saturn-like structure seem to defy gravity, while diagrams installed nearby trace those same bands’ die-cut origins. [More]