Monday, August 14, 2017

Hebrew University launches world’s largest Jewish art index

By JNi.Media - August 10, 2017
Great (Hagdola) Synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia, Early 18th Century

The Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem launched the world’s largest online database of Jewish art on August 10 at the World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. The Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art is a collection of digitized images and information about Jewish artifacts from all over the world. The online collection includes more than 260,000 images of objects and artifacts from 700 museums, synagogues and private collections in 41 different countries, as well as architectural drawings of 1,500 synagogues and Jewish ritual buildings from antiquity to the modern day. [More]
Tripartite Mahzor, Lake Constance Area, ca. 1322 (Oxford, Bodleian Library) / Photo credit: Center for Jewish Art / Hebrew University