Saturday, August 12, 2017

Movie Review: ‘The Last Dalai Lama?’ asks what comes next

By Helen T. Verongos
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A surplus of wisdom and benevolence radiates from “The Last Dalai Lama?,” written and directed by Mickey Lemle, the filmmaker of “Compassion in Exile” (1993), another documentary about this Buddhist leader, who is 82. “The Last Dalai Lama?” spends a lot of time looking back. A collection of moments rather than a linear story, this film is at its best when it’s suffused with the presence of the Dalai Lama, whether he is watching schoolchildren in Canada practice gratitude or meditating on separating his consciousness from his body in preparation for death. The movie notes that the Chinese government has declared it will control the selection and development of the next Dalai Lama, an absurd idea to those who believe succession is a matter of reincarnation. [More]
A moment from the documentary “The Last Dalai Lama?” Credit Matson Films