Monday, March 5, 2018

Famous street artist “invades” Bhutan with Buddhist-inspired mosaics

By Haleigh Atwood
Rubik Dalai Lama, by Invader. Rubik cubes on panel, 83,5 X 83,5 X 5,5 cm, 2008. Image via Invader.
“Invader,” the French street artist who is known for his colorful mosaics modeled after the pixelated graphics of 1970s arcade games, recently installed eleven mosaic artworks in Bhutan inspired by Buddhism and Buddhist culture. In total, Invader has placed over 3,600 art pieces on structures in seventy-six cities around the world, including one on the International Space Station. On January 21, Invader posted a video on Instagram showcasing a mosaic he installed inside Cheri Goemba, Bhutan’s oldest Buddhist monastery, next to a wall painting of a meditating Buddha. He ended the post by writing “with blessing of the monks!” [More]
Invader’s mosaic depicts a Buddhist monk in Bhutan. Photos courtesy of Invader.