Saturday, July 7, 2018

Iraqi-Canadian artist Mahmoud Obaidi shows ‘The Cube’ at Meem Gallery

By Irene Promodh
Detail of Mahmoud Obaidi's '1000 Directions Of Energy' (2013) on display at Meem Gallery in Dubai. Stainless steel and glass. 150x50x50cm.
DUBAI, UAE---Obaidi connects architecture and philosophy to faith in his exploration of the Kaaba and the power of the cube through a spiritual and mathematical lens, Mahmoud Obaidi’s four stainless steel and glass sculptures bask in the simplicity of their geometric lines and graceful static shapes. At Dubai’s Meem Gallery they are presented along with their accompanying sketches, showcasing the elaborate thought process behind each work. Previously included in Hajj: The Journey through Art at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha in 2013, Obaidi’s The Cube opened for the first time in the UAE at Meem Gallery during the holy month of Ramadan. [More]