Mumbai artist’s ‘Menstruating Durga’ hurts religious sentiments, but has its supporters

By Jinal Bhatt
Aniket Mitra’s ‘Menstruating Durga’
MUMBAI---The taboo on menstruation in still quite rampant in this day and age. Still deemed to be unclean, unhealthy and a matter of embarrassment as opposed to a natural bodily function that heralds fertility in a woman. Mumbai-based artist Aniket Mitra has attempted to address this very taboo on menstruation and celebrate womanhood with his latest artwork. The picture is that of a sanitary napkin with a bloodied lotus on it. Mitra’s artwork has been condemned by many as ‘hurting religious sentiments’. A complaint was posted on Kolkata police’s Facebook page, following which Mitra had to take down the post from Facebook. However, the artwork has found its own band of supporters too, particularly women, who have lauded Mitra’s bold message. [More]