Opinion: Longing for an Internet Cleanse

By David Brooks
“Golden Sea — a New Song,” a recent painting by Makoto Fujimura.CreditCreditWaterfall Mansion & Gallery, New York
The two most recent times I saw my friend Makoto Fujimura, he put a Kintsugi bowl in my hands. They look like they have golden veins running through them, making them more beautiful and more valuable than they were in their original condition.I don’t know about you, but I feel a great hunger right now for timeless pieces like these. The internet has accelerated our experience of time, and Donald Trump has upped the pace of events to permanent frenetic. Probably like you, I’ve felt a great need to take a break from this pace every once in a while and step into a slower dimension of time. Mako’s paintings are very good for these moments. [More]

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