Islamic Painting Meets Contemporary Art: Onur Hastürk's 1st Solo Show at Dusseldorf Gallery

Onur Hastürk The Lovebird And The Woman, 2020 Marbled paper cut and pasted on passe-partout 100 x 150cm
The Anna Laudel gallery in Germany features the Turkish artist's exhibit 'Assimilation,' which also recognizes inspirational pioneers Henri Matisse and Andy Warho. Anna Laudel's Istanbul location on the old finance street of the late Ottoman Empire in Karaköy is a prominent gallery that provides a contemporary exhibition platform for the works of both Turkish and international artists. Aiming to expand its reach, the group opened its second venue in Germany’s ​Dusseldorf ​in 2019. The German venue, since July 30, has been presenting “Assimilation,” a feature of Turkish artist Onur Hastürk. The exhibition marks the largest display of Hastürk’s works to date and will be on display through Oct. 31. Hastürk is known mostly for his work combining the style of Islamic painting with contemporary art. [More