Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Religious Shrine in Canadian Man's Bathroom Took On a Life of Its Own

Bill Staubi's collection of religious artifacts grew so large he eventually removed the bathroom door to make more space. (Francis Ferland/CBC)
For Bill Staubi, it all started innocently enough with a statue of Jesus and another of St. Theresa, given unto him surreptitiously by a generous antiques dealer. From there, the collection of religious icons and artifacts in the spare bathroom of Staubi's Centretown apartment grew until it covered the walls, counter and shelves, and even filled the sink. Eventually, he removed the door, and with it any lingering pretence of privacy. 'The Grotto,' as it became known, was given its own Facebook page, and soon attracted a fervent following. So for a decade I welcomed people into my home to see this wacky art installation that I had in my bathroom," Staubi said. [More
Eventually, Staubi estimates his collection grew to more than 500 pieces. 'I'm a hoarder by nature, but a hoarder of particular things at particular times, he said. 'When I'm on a tear with something it becomes a little obsessive and I love it. It makes my life interesting and you meet a lot of people.' (Submitted by Bill Staubi)