Friday, September 18, 2020

A Stained-Glass Gift, From God and Gerhard Richter

By Catherine Hickley
With recurring patterns and intense colors, Mr. Richter’s windows resemble the design of a Persian rug. Felix Schmitt for The New York Times

THOLEY, Germany — For Abbot Mauritius Choriol, the new church windows being ceremoniously inaugurated on Saturday at Tholey Abbey are a gift: from God, from two generous patrons and from Gerhard Richter. The three windows — with deep reds and blues prevailing on the two outer displays and the central one dominated by radiant gold — are made in stained glass to a symmetrical design by Mr. Richter, the revered German artist. “Abstract art is not normally my thing,” said the abbot, who oversees Tholey Abbey. “But you don’t need to be an art expert to appreciate the qualities of these.” [More

The choir windows of Tholey Abbey in Germany, with a new design by Gerhardt Richter. Felix Schmitt for The New York Times