Tuesday, September 1, 2020

New Orleans Museum of Art Offers Look at Religious Art From Many Countries

By Leila Pitchford
Samavasarana, the Holy Assembly of Jinas c. 1825–1875 Ink, opaque watercolor and gold on paper 23 x 20 in. On loan from the collection Dr. Siddharth K. Bhansali
NEW ORLEANS---If you're looking for something to do, take a trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art. Among its exhibits, you will find several religious-themed exhibitions. Two of the exhibits are from the collections of Siddharth Bhansali, a physician based in New Orleans. Both exhibits are scheduled through June 20. In its “Arte Sacra: Roman Catholic Art from Portuguese India” exhibition, NOMA is displaying pieces created by Hindus and Christian converts in India. Next to the Christian art from India is “The Pursuit of Salvation: Jain Art from India.” The exhibit focuses on the Jina or Spiritual Victor, which is the base word for the name of the religion. [More
Our Lady of the Rosary 18th century Wood, with polychrome and gilt 36 inches On loan from the collection Dr. Siddharth K. Bhansali