Sunday, October 4, 2020


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton 
Nina Chanel's Abney's "Imaginary Friend" in Lake Buhia, a virtual reality project with Acute Art. Image courtesy of shotlistproductions 
Instead of our collection, let's talk about hope. During Friday lunch, I was viewing Nina Chanel Abney's new “Imaginary Friend,” when he phoned his mother. Suddenly there was a loud beeping noise. Mom chuckled and said, "it's just a truck backing-up." Later, he learned she was in a hospital bed. It's pancreatic cancer. He asked why she lied, she said, "there was nothing you could do, and it'll all work out." As a Christian, mom believes in death and resurrection, and she faces trauma with the bold colors of hope. Color, that makes Nina Chanel Abney our artist of the week.
Nina Chanel Abney with her Imaginary Friend. Image courtesy of the artist's Instagram
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Temporary Friends (2019) Suite of five relief prints 39 2/5 × 29 1/2 in 100 × 75 cm Edition of 35. Courtesy of the Artsy

Si, Mister. Courtesy of The Brant Foundation
Issa Saturday Study (2019). Courtesy of the artist