Sunday, December 20, 2020

Gone but Never Forgotten in a Quilt

By Patricia Leigh Brown
Trish Williams, “A Triptych of Evil," a commentary on slavery, lynching and mass incarceration. The quilter from Peoria, Ill., uses hemp twine to tie paper effigies onto burned red organza, which seems to bathe the piece in blood. Trish Williams
Members of the national Women of Color Quilters Network draw on personal experiences of injustice, turning their needlework into symbols of liberation, resistance and empowerment. About 500 quilters — mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers (average age 74) submitted more than 400 quilts on a ferocious deadline. “When George Floyd called out for his mama, that just crushed me,” said Dr. Mazloomi, who has two sons and three grandsons. “We lived through the Civil Rights and Jim Crow eras,” she added. “They took a toll. For me, it has been like reliving the 1950s all over again.” [More]