Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Review: Mother Teresa Sings, in Drag and With Doubts

By Jesse Green
Joshua William Gelb as Mother Teresa in a live digital performance of Heather Christian’s “I Am Sending You the Sacred Face.” Katie Rose McLaughlin, via Theater in Quarantine
In Heather Christian’s “I Am Sending You the Sacred Face,” the saint of Calcutta vogues and lip-syncs and broods on the nature of selflessness. Theater in Quarantine, a company that since March has been streaming experimental works from its founder’s closet, turns the constraints of its odd conditions into a marvelous style. One of those constraints, of course, is space: The 4-foot-by-8-foot-by-2-foot closet demands shipshape compositions, big-gestured and graphic, that wind up translating beautifully to screens large and small. Though less than 40 minutes long, it left Gelb panting in the post-show discussion.[More