Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Idea of God Has One Major Flaw

By Ella Alderson
One of my favorite paintings of all time. In “The Incredulity of Saint Thomas”, the artist Caravaggio shows us the figure of Christ guiding Thomas’s finger into an open wound on his body. Upon feeling the realness of God, Thomas’s doubts in Christ begin to subside. This painting is a grim, fleshy, and yet emotionally moving depiction of religious belief.

I don’t believe, especially as an aspiring scientist, that I can call myself an atheist. At most I can claim to be agnostic for there is no way to prove that God doesn’t exist. Having grown up in the Southeastern United States, I was introduced at a young age to Christianity. It remains the religion with which I am most familiar. The argument I make here is specifically in regards to this Christian God but I believe it is an argument that could be made for any of the thousands of gods that have existed throughout human history. The belief in them suffers from one specific flaw which has kept my faith in Christ— or in any other deity — at bay. [More

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