Wednesday, February 1, 2023

2023 Resolutions: January's On-Track

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
By Derrick Carter
We plunged into the New Year with three goals for 2023: walk, read, and play. However, we also felt uninspired. There was no New Year's Day niece's lunch, Three Kings Day dinner, or even MLK Day Breakfast. There were issues with a great-nephew. Greg took his dad to the VA, and a stomach bug resulted in an $8,000 ER visit. Thank God the fog finally lifted after a week in Key West for our 15th anniversary. 

New and old friends were present at Alexander's Guesthouse: Mick & Vivian (Vivian officiated), Tim & Jeff,  Rebecca & Tom, Steven & Annie, Michael (German), Roman (UK), Kailee, and new friends Jonathan Sullivan (Saint Paul) and Michael & Bob (Delaware). Champagne was served poolside with Cuban Cake and sandwiches by 5 Brothers. We returned on a perfect flight home on American with spirits lifted high.

So, January went well. We walked 55 miles, including a blistering 9-mile walk around the island of Key West! I also read Andre Talley's memoir, a remarkable but tragic tale. And while maintaining our solo play nights, we danced at Mangos with Boodle; and played Tonk like kids from Madisonville.