By Gregory A. Disney-Britton

Ernest & Greg's living room features a wall and tables filled with art & books accumulated only since marriage in 2008. “WE have many artist friends,” Ernest said. “Many of the sculptural objects are gifts. There are a lot of stories in this room, including Verneida's love of Baby Yoda.”

It all began in 2008 with Kehinde Wiley and his "Dead Christ in a Tomb," which inspired us to establish this Blog. Led by Luke 12:34, "For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also," we wanted to support emerging artists as they explore faith, religion, and spirituality -- positively or negatively. We called it our Alpha & Omega Project.

During the pandemic, we've been busy collecting. In 2020, we acquired 12 religious-themed works for the A&O collection. In 2021, we collected only ONE intentionally, and two by chance. We are grateful to our dear friend Rishard Allen for the gift print of "The Last Supper" by Atlanta artist Jalen Amir. Another was a 2020 commission completed in 2021, "Tru: The Bond Stands for All Things" by UK romantic modernist Michael Cook. However, only the third, "Key," by neo-expressionist Raúl Arturo Díaz, was intentionally purchased in 2021. While we love each of these pieces, they were not enough to bring us back, and we paused this blog in August 2021, during mom Verneida's birth month.

Explore the most recent additions to the collection, and the early acquisitions too. Search artist by name whose work was acquired by the Disney-Brittons.