Initially created as a Blog to explore world faiths through the lens of artists, today's Alpha & Omega Collection is focused on acquiring works by 66 artists exploring the 66 books of the Bible. Exploring books that have shaped laws and inspired billions but have also fed hatred and blessed bigotry. Divided into two parts, 39 Old Testament artworks and 27 New Testament artworks, primarily by LGBTQ artists, including artists of color. 

Collection Status
 (as of 03/13/22):
- Total Artworks: 7 of 66 
- By LGBTQ Artists: 5 of 7
- By Artists of Color: 4 of 7
Jesus Art Status (as of 03/13/22):
  1.  Isaiah 7:14; 9:6–7 “The Birth of Jesus” 
    • Artist: Ben Smith
    • Title: Madonna Wood Block Print
    • Created: 1966, 6 of 25 
    • Acquired: Spring 2005  
    • Description: [insert information] 
  2.  Luke 2:1–7 “The Nativity”  
  3.  Luke 2:8–20 “The Announcement of Christ’s Birth to the Shepherds”  
  4.  Matthew 2:1–12 “The Wise Men” 
  5.  Matthew 2:13–15 “Flight into Egypt” 
  6.  Luke 2:40 “Childhood of Jesus Christ” 
  7.  Luke 2:41–52 “Boy Jesus in the Temple” 
  8.  Matthew 3:13–17 “John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus”
  9.  John 9:1–17, 32–38 “Christ Healing a Blind Man”
  10.  Matthew 8:23–27 GAK “Stilling the Storm” 
  11.  Matthew 19:13–15 GAK “Christ and the Children”  
  12.  Matthew 5:1–10; 6:9–13 GAK “Sermon on the Mount” 
  13.  John 11:1–3, 17–27, 41–44 GAK “Jesus Raising Lazarus from the Dead” 
  14.  Luke 17:11–19 GAK “Ten Lepers” 
  15.  Matthew 21:12–15 GAK “Jesus Cleansing the Temple”
  16.  Matthew 26:17–30 GAK “The Last Supper” 
  17.  Matthew 26:36–45 GAK “Jesus Praying in Gethsemane” 
  18.  Mark 14:42–46 GAK “The Betrayal of Jesus” 
  19.  Luke 23:32–46 GAK “The Crucifixion”
  20.  John 20:11–18 GAK “Mary and the Resurrected Lord”
  21.  Luke 24:36–43 GAK “Jesus Shows His Wounds”
    • Artist: Israel Solomon
    • Title: Christ with wound
    • Created: 2020, acrylic on canvas 
    • Acquired: 2020, direct from artist  
    • Description: We purchased Israel Solomon's "Christ with Wound" in the days following George Floyd's murder in June 2020. We bumped into the friendly artist as he painted a mural over a boarded-up Indianapolis storefront. His fusion of cubism and pop art was so unusual that we rushed to his website to see if he also explored his faith? In Solomon's "Christ with Wound," we found a fearless, loving, and quizzical Christ and the surprise of the roses! We knew we needed to bring it home.