Monday, September 26, 2011

Rembrandt's Jewish Jesus Inspiring Discussion in Philadelphia

By Kristin E. Holmes

PENNSYLVANIA - An exhibit of Rembrandt's paintings of Jesus at the Philadelphia Museum of Art has prompted conversations in Bible study groups, over lunch, and in adult-education classes before Sunday services. The subject is the image of a Christian savior whom Rembrandt depicts in a way that broke with tradition in the mid-17th century. Neither fine-boned nor fair-haired, the Dutch master's pivotal renderings show a Jesus with dark hair and Semitic features, a seeming embrace of his Jewish heritage. Since the exhibit's opening in August, the museum has been host to visitors from area churches and from other groups including a retreat house, a two-day Christian women's conference at the Wells Fargo Center, and a retirement community and its chaplains. The Presbytery of Philadelphia was host to hundreds of people at the museum during a special evening event organized by the denomination in August. [link]