Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist Setsuko LaCroix, to Exhibit in Cincinnati's Malton Gallery

"Bishamonten" by Setsuko LaCroix | Courtesy Malton Gallery
OHIO - Meet the artist Setsuko LaCroix on Friday, March 9 at Cincinnati's Malton Gallery for the opening of her new exhibition, "From East to West, an Artists Journey." Meet the artist, but also experience her evolution from an award-winning traditional Japanese screens to contemporary oil paintings. The Malton Gallery is conveniently located in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Hyde Park, and features a broad range of contemporary artwork in a welcoming, low-key environment. The gallery represents nearly 100 artists from Cincinnati, the United States and beyond. Artists at Malton range from emerging artists to those with established national reputations, with new work of every size, medium and price range. (March 9 through March 22) 3804 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, (513) 321-8614,