Sunday, July 21, 2013


Each day, I watch from the window of my five-story Brownstone as a small stream of bearded men, covered from head-to-toe in black clothing enter a small Orthodox synagogue across the street. Even in this week's 90-degree heat, these adherents of Hasidic Judaism wear their black (or dark blue), heavy clothing and send a message of holiness --- a message not intended for me, but for the wearer. The color is a mystical affirmation of their inner spirit. What we wear has always been symbolic, and Brooklyn-based artist Michael Levin's exploration of Hasidic dress makes this very point. What we wear is a reminder to ourselves of who we are inside, and that makes "Eidah on Agudas″ (above) from Michael Levin's "Jews of Today" series my NEWS OF WEEK.

In other religious art news from across the USA, and around the world:
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