Friday, November 8, 2013

Holy Cow! Manohar Chiluveru’s New Series Explores the Sacred in Hinduism

By Sangeetha Devi Dundoo
One of Manohar's paintings in The Cow series
INDIA---Every nook and corner of Manohar Chiluveru’s studio at Srinagar Colony feels like a treasure trove. Several large paintings, mostly from ‘The Cow’ series are placed against the walls. One large work is yet to get finishing touches, when we meet him. A couple of small, unfinished cow sculptures with the skeletal structure plastered with cardboard lie in a corner. In the adjacent room, there are several of his small and large fibre glass sculptures. ‘The Cow’ is not a one-time exhibition and will be a series, informs Manohar. Some of these are now on display at the Western Block of Salar Jung Museum for an exhibition hosted by the museum and Kalakriti Art Gallery. [link]