Friday, May 16, 2014

Mateo Hevezi 's "Spirits Among Us" Explores the Wonder of the Gods Around Us

#39 Buddha Foot
JAPAN---"Spirits Among Us" is a collection of 55 photographs by Mateo Hevezi which opens May 28 - June 04, 2014 at Kurihara Gallery in Tokyo. "I was born Roman Catholic, so I had always been told a story of one god" he writes on his website. "Why would I believe anything else? This story is all I ever knew, as a child. In Japan, there are many gods … too many to count, in fact." Today, Mateo maintains no political or religious affiliations whatsoever but in his work, he continues to explore the mysteries of faith and wonder introduced to him as a child in northern Indiana, and during his travels around the world. The Kurihara Gallery URL is at (Japanese only).