Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 religious architecture award winners evoke the sacred in unconventional ways

By Antonia Blumberg
KAPSARC Community Mosque. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. HOK
What makes a space sacred? If the winners of Faith & Form's 2014 Religious Art & Architecture award are any indication, it may be something different every time. A high ceiling, curved walls, stained glass windows or lush landscaping -- no two winners are alike, and yet each offers viewers a fresh way of interacting with the divine. "What [the jury members] were looking for was great design that was willing to take some risks, and not be just traditional in appearance," Faith & Form editor in chief Michael J. Crosbie, told HuffPost by email. Take a look at some of Faith & Form's 2014 award and honor award winners for religious architecture:  [link]

St. Gregory’s Church. Agrigento, Italy. Pellitteri & Associati Studio