Collector's Corner: Ryan and Jessica Kortman

By John Chiaverina
Kortman and his wife Jessica at the opening of “Buying Friends.”
ILLINOIS---Collector’s Corner is a recurring interview feature on the ARTnews website that checks in with art collectors around the world. Ryan Kortman, started collecting art at the ripe age of 25, after he finished school at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. Since then, Kortman has moved to Los Angeles and back to Chicago, where he currently resides with his wife Jessica and a collection of over 80 works by 44 different artists, including Brian Belott, Gina Beavers, Sayre Gomez, and Adam Scott. Recently, things have come full-circle for Kortman in the form of “Buying Friends,” an exhibition of his collection that is on view at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts through February 15 in his hometown of Grand Rapids. ARTnews spoke with Kortman about viewing art on Instagram, spending your savings on one piece, and much more. [link]