Saint John's Bible's "Vision Of The New Temple" by Donald Jackson

Vision Of The New Temple Ezekiel 40:1-48, by Donald Jackson
INDIANA---Through the end of January, the world-famous "Saint John's Bible" exhibition will be on view at the Indiana Interchurch Center. The project is a lifelong dream of calligrapher and artist Donald Jackson, whose "Vision of the New Temple" is one of twenty-five works on display. As his framework for this illumination, he chose to use a diagram from a 17th century reconstruction of the temple. Amidst the temple walls there is a golden path – a labyrinth- which takes us along Ezekiel’s journey of a man to meet his God. Outside the temple, the abundant river teems with life; the trees on its bank provide food and healing powers, augmenting by the water flowing from the temple. [More]

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